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Immigration Paralegal Services

(This page applies exclusively to State Bar Licensed Attorneys)

If you are understaffed, overworked, cannot find the right candidate to fill an employment position, wish to reduce costs or all the above; then, let us help your Law Firm with Immigration Form Preparation.

We take the time-consuming process of populating USCIS, DOS, DOL forms and prepare them for you, affordably, reliably and of course, promptly.

We are a professional team with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our Team Members will prepare your forms with the highest attention to detail, in an expedite manner and with an affordable paralegal fee for service.

We will save you time and money!


Email us with information of the type of case/documents you will need, and we will send you a quote for services and a timeline for processing. 

We prepare single applications/petitions, letters, response to request for additional evidence and the like. (Including G-28's and G-1145's).

We have done Family-Based Petitions, Employment-Based Petitions (H-1B's TN's, L, E, O, P, R, Extraordinary Ability, Entrepreneurs, Asylum Applications, and more.

If you require assistance with cover letter(s), support letter(s), exhibits, RFE response(s), appeals, or other documents, email us at, so we can discuss availability and cost. 

Our rates are designed to be the most competitive and affordable in the industry.


  • We only provide clerical services for data entry. (we only populate and prepare the form(s) for our clients).

  • You must be, or work with, a State Bar Licensed Attorney* to take advantage of this service.

  • The fees above-mentioned include one revision of work product (excluding any clerical errors from our part). Additional fee(s) may apply for extra work in the same matter.

*Non-Attorney requests will not be processed.

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