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Business Services

At Rousseau Group we are able to provide a wide array of business consultation services due to our professional staff, which includes combined experience and knowledge, along with integrity and reliability.


Some of our services include:

  • Business start-up assessments and process

  • Nationwide corporate filings

  • Federal, State and Local governmental Licenses and Permits

  • Business plan preparation

  • 501c3

  • Clerical Services

  • Business Processes and Procedures

  • Florida Notary Public

Business Start Up

We understand the complex and time-consuming endeavor of starting a business. Therefore, we provide our clients with integrated solutions, which encompass the thorough process from planning stages with our business consultants; to the final implementation and execution.


Start-up companies need more than just paperwork and advice: they need to get started! While ongoing, businesses need to grow.

We can provide assistance with the ongoing administrative and clerical* demands required of a business, from a company's infancy stage, to streamlining and facilitating growth options to matured businesses.

*For Immigration Paralegal Services, please see our Paralegal page for more information and prices or contact us at:

Human Resources

As with any business seeking to alleviate their workflow and expand their portfolio, Rousseau Group provides integrated solutions, on a case-by-case basis, with any and all Human Resources and Human Capital Management.

Consumer Products

We provide case-by-case assessments for prospective and current manufacturers. As well as being able to provide distribution solutions for our consumer products clients. We facilitate the entry of new markets and provide support for your growing business.

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