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Writing Services

At Rousseau Group we recognize the need for professional and effective methods of communicating, be it from a legal, analytical and/or logical perspective. Therefore, Writing Services are central to the advancement of whichever enterprise one embarks on. We pride ourselves in exceeding these goals worldwide and in various languages.​

Grant Writing
Grant Writing
We will prepare and write all aspects of your grant application.
Types of Grants
  • General Purpose or Operating Support Grants - used to support the general expenses of operating your organization, from a specific program to the heating bill. 

  • Program or Project Support Grants - used for some form of program or project support. 

    • Planning Grants - supports such initial project development work.

    • Seed Money or Start-up Grants - used to help a new organization or program in its first few years. 

    • Management or Technical Assistance Grants - used to support the company's management or administration 

    • Facilities and Equipment Grants - used to help an organization buy some long-lasting physical assets

Ghost writing

We understand the complexity of endeavoring into the creation of new, authentic, and well redacted content. Oftentimes, corporations, organizations and individuals find themselves struggling with what we know as the “writing process;” from a small section of a document to entire manuscripts. We take it upon ourselves to provide time-efficient and cost reducing support to our clients by eliminating this step in the overall process. 


A ghostwriter writes for someone else at any stage. We collaborate and use all the knowledge, experience and a story to tell with a person who has the skills to frame the story in words. A ghostwriter uses someone else's knowledge and experiences as research material for what he/she writes.

Editing and Proof reading
Editing & Proofreading

Every writer needs an editor. Our editors will not only correct spelling and grammar errors, and typos, but will also make situational and language change suggestions. Your writing will come out shining like those of professionals.


We'll help you fine-tune your thesis, rewrite muddled thinking, delete/add information, check if sections need to be moved around for clarity, check for connections between ideas, check that sources blend well into your writing, check that sentences are grammatically correct, and that the vocabulary is appropriate and correct.

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