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With the ever-changing cycle of the business and financial landscapes, Rousseau Group's identity as an independent consulting company providing expert corporate evaluations, business appraisals, proactive financial consulting, multifaceted linguistic services and legal support services to clients worldwide.


Our boutique approach comprises professional assessment specialists who possess advanced degrees in business, finance, professional writing, and law. Our consultants have a broad range of professional training and certifications, allowing us to analyze both public and private business matters.

Our Mission

Rousseau Group firmly believes in the power of the individual and the reliability of the self. It is why, we strive to provide an inclusive and constructive platform for future generations entering the fields of business, law, writing, and finance. This in order to develop sustainable and enduring practices, while expecting considerable results, from and for, the generations to come.


You want a professional that is attentive, responsive, intelligent and talks to you in a way you can understand. We pride ourselves in exceeding these goals. 

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